jeudi 4 février 2016

Nation Branding vs. Public Diplomacy... with Ricardo Cisneros - World Expo Consultant

Nation Branding vs. Public Diplomacy

Very often, it is said that Expos are an appropriate field  to conduct a Nation Branding or Public Diplomacy campaign. However, both concepts can be similar and yet different. When you are preparing your participation to the Expo and working on your communication campaign you need to have a clear understanding of both. They aim at communicating to the same public but with different arguments.

Nation Branding is communicating to the public using marketing tools. The logic behind strategic marketing is to differentiate the "product", in this case your country from your competitors.

Public diplomacy is also about communicating directly to the public. In this case, you focus more on common grounds, empathetic arguments to gain favorable opinions about your country.

From Milan to Astana, we change from Europe to Eurasia. Do you have good insights about how to prepare your nation branding or public diplomacy strategy?
Tree of life,
Milan, Italy 2015
Baiterek tower, the national monument
Astana, Kazakhstan
Former diplomat, conducting a Phd research on territorial identity and teaching about Nation Branding.

I am interested in conducting projects in the fields of:
- Nation Branding and territorial identities
- International mega-events projects (Cultural, Political and Sport)
- Inclusive governance (Private, Public and Civil Society)

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information on those topics.
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