jeudi 3 mai 2012

Visite du Secrétaire Général du BIE - Expo 2020 Izmir

Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) Secretary General Vicente Loscertales, Izmir's candidacy for EXPO 2020 in relation to the process, "I hope we will be successful this time," he said.

Loscertales, Turkey scope of his contacts in Istanbul yesterday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Ankara, Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay and then görüşmesinini with Health Minister Recep Akdag arrived in Izmir. Loscertales, Expo 2020 Steering Committee and Executive Committee members attended the dinner which was organized at Swissotel. Loscertales located closed to the press statements issued before eating, Izmir told that the decision to be nominated again after the experience of 2015. Turkey in order to observe the preparations for 2020 stating that the Loscertales, good use the experience of 2015 saw Turkey has expressed his observations. Found an impressive record in its support for the candidacy Loscertales ministers, "I see a very strong committee has been created. Your theme very close to the health issue. Because health issues, one of Turkey's achievements. Of Health have shown great efforts in the health system have changed quite a good way . For this reason, no longer need to invite the whole world here. all over the world come here and show them you have this experience, "he said.

Loscertales said: "Here again, I met a lot of people like, what I see as my friend I was with people. I am very happy to working again. Hopefully this time we will be successful. Need for this effort to all of you. I mentor as secretary-general, can give information and advice . But the main victory, you will be as ethnological. dostluğuma can always rely on me. "

Chairman of Izmir Governor Cahit Kirac and the EXPO 2015 EXPO Steering Committee for 2020 started to work immediately after the completion of the process, explaining that his candidacy for the city said they now share their work with the talks said Loscertales. The second presentation in Paris on June 12, will accompany the delegation expressed the Health Minister Recep Akdag Coldplay, "the presentation of Turkey Mehmet Oz, one of the world faces the most important in the health sector will also participate," he said. Coldplay, Mayor of the City of St. Kocaoğlu presentation and added that businessmen will participate in the Lucien Arkas.

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