jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Expo 2020 Sao Paulo... le retour

Profitant de ces journées d'Assemblée générale du Bureau International des Expositions, la candidature brésilienne, dont nous n'avions plus beaucoup de nouvelles, en a profité pour organiser une réception le mardi 20 novembre dernier, à l'Ambassade du Brésil à Paris.

Cette soirée à donc permis de réunir de nombreux délégués du BIE, ainsi que les candidats des futures Expos 2017 et 2020, à ce cocktail où les personnalités de Sao Paulo et de la candidature brésilienne étaient présentes en grand nombre.

Les différents discours ont pu nous rassurer quant à la volonté de Sao Paulo d'entrer dans l'arène, et de se battre pour obtenir cet honneur de recevoir l'Exposition universelle de 2020.

Nous imaginons déjà un challenge très rude, puisqu'il y a quand même 5 pays qui souhaitent recevoir cet événement. Il est donc temps de se mettre à travailler dans le bon sens, activement, et de faire connaître plus précisément le contenu de leur projet, ce qui ne devrait plus tarder, si j'en crois les échanges rassurants que j'ai pu avoir au cours de cette soirée.

Nous souhaitons donc un bon courage à l'équipe de Sao Paulo, dans l'attente de voir les prochaines évolutions de cette candidature, pour une première Exposition universelle en Amérique du Sud !

Le Secrétaire Général du Bureau International des Expositions, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, était également présent lors de cette soirée, avec à ses côté, le Président du BIE, Ferdinand Nagy.
The Secretary General of the Bureau International des Expositions, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, was also present at this event at his side, the President of the BIE, Ferdinand Nagy.
Expo 2020 Sao Paulo... is back !

Taking advantage of these days the General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions, the Brazilian candidacy, which we did not have much new, took the opportunity to organize a reception on Tuesday, November 20, at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris.

This evening therefore allowed to bring many BIE delegates, as well as candidates for future Expos in 2017 and 2020, at this cocktails where many  personalities of Sao Paulo and Brazilian candidacy were present in large numbers.

We have different discourses to reassure us about the willingness of Sao Paulo to enter the arena and fight for the honor of receiving the Expo 2020.

We imagine already a very tough challenge, since there are still 5 countries who wish to receive this event. It's time to get to work in the right direction, actively, and to know more precisely the content of their project, which should further ado, if I believe the exchange reassuring that I could have at during this evening.

We therefore wish good luck to the team of Sao Paulo, waiting to see the next evolution of this bid for a first World Expo in South America!

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  1. Dears BIE Directors and Delegates,

    We, citizens from Pirituba and surroundings, São Paulo, Brazil, would like to clearly state that we are not unfavorable to BIE or EXPO 2020.
    However, we are indignant, as our concern is about the price to be paid, as below described, in order to have EXPO 2020 in our district.
    The venue, where São Paulo Mayor, Gilberto Kassab and Empreiteira Odebrecht, a building contractor, intends to install the EXPO 2020, do not belong to São Paulo City Hall, and disregarding the popular opinion, laws and disrespecting the Nature and properties rights, wants to expropriate:
    1. The Jaraguá Clube Campestre (JCC), which encompasses 550.000 m2 of forested land, comprising exotic tree species (pinus and eucalyptus) and botanic native species, several lakes and fountainheads, spectacular and valuable flora and fauna.
    This area is located between Parque Estadual do Pico do Jaraguá and the Parque Estadual da Serra da Cantareira, two core-zones from São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve – GBBR, and one of the few areas in our region which still preserves the green and has a permeable ground.
    This Club is a private property, with 7000 associates and 120 employees. It was founded 53 years ago and since then, has been working to keep and maintain the existing ecosystem: planting native species, conserving lakes, fountainheads, birds and the animals that live there.
    Through São Paulo State Decree no. 30.443 dated 1989, Jaraguá Clube Campestre was recognized as an Environmental Patrimony and it was declared immune against the act of cutting down trees.
    2. The Escola Superior de Soldados da Polícia Militar de São Paulo (ESS), a São Paulo State Policy School, installed in an 600.000 m2 area, 20.000 m2 buildings, which graduates 2.500 qualified soldiers is being expropriated, disorganized and transferred in the name of EXPO 2020, against the will of its members and the population.
    Nowadays, São Paulo is being victim of a serious public security issue and the change of this school to another place which was never even defined would cause fear and insecurity in the community and in city.
    The remaining area of this venue, discounting the area of JCC and ESS, is about 5.000.000 square meters, more than enough to have this Project concluded, without committing ecologic crimes and going against property laws.
    Pirituba is located in São Paulo suburb, and is a poor district with lots of slums, lack of basic sanitation, schools, hospitals, public transportation and habitation.
    The megalomaniac Project of EXPO 2020 would be an outrage to the local population who would not receive any benefit. Even the events in this venue would not be visited by them due to the price of the tickets.
    Please, take these arguments on account when assessing the quality of the bid of São Paulo and deciding the city which deserves to host EXPO 2020.

    What will be destroyed in São Paulo to host EXPO 2020 :