jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Expo Izmir 2020... near you

Visited by the delegation headed by Vicente Loscertales Işınsu Kestelli, "Fast treat the well-organized, if you chance to win high-EXPO 2020. İzmir I yerleşebilirim retirement," he said.

IZMIR - Izmir Trade Exchange (HSS) 120'nci organized within the framework of Year Activities, "Paris Business, Review and Support EXPO 2020 Tour" visits have been completed.

Board of the International Exhibitions Bureau manages the process of EXPO (BIE) 17 years, carrying out the Secretary General Vicente G. Loscertales'i visited his office. Turkey is one of the three BIE delegates in the presence of Good Hope Cemaloğlu'nun President Işınsu Kestelli HSS meeting, the visit, the business world EXPO 2020 İzmir said they intended to show his appetite. About the IMA and the dynamism of Turkey's economy Kestelli, General Secretary, the way of İzmir EXPO 2020 wanted to have advice on what to do, to take an advantageous position.

According to a report of the Board of SHS's visit to New Asır'ın happy to hear of this visit, the EXPO 2020 in Izmir, showed that appetite Loscertales, "I'm sure these destinations: İzmir EXPO will receives a very good job," he said. Prime Minister Erdogan's letter of Izmir, the first official candidate for EXPO 2020, saying that Loscertales, Thailand also made reference to the nomination, said they expect Russia to Ekaterinburg, and Brazil in Sao Paulo.

"Very strong candidates. Selection will be a time to have trouble doing," said the General Secretary, said: "İzmir's EXPO set for 2020 'Health for All' I believe will see the theme of interest and support. EXPO is important to not be too eager, too be organized. Turkey has decided to EXPO 2015 and later lost to late to be organized. Now I have a great support behind Izmir. the Prime Minister's letter, then the presence in the business of the Minister of Transport and Culture offers an obvious synergy. In November There BIE General Assembly. Turkey is a very fast way, the regulatory committee and clarify the role of everyone falling, the EXPO will be responsible for the technical organization to create, whether İnciraltı'nda EXPO 2020, will be somewhere else to do and how to decide , and then persuade the BIE delegates should get out of tours. EXPO is a communication project in the final analysis. November, I will come to Izmir. here is a little more netleşebileceğiz negotiations, I think. "

Perceived as a boost to the words of wanting to Izmir Loscertales, "I love Izmir, have lot of friends there. EXPO çıkaracağınıza'm convinced if you receive a very good job. Yerleşebilirim Izmir after retirement," he said.

Kestelli the EXPO 2020 Izmir much wanted, after the experience of the city's preparations for 2015 which he believes will conduct a much more organized way. IMA is a well-established organization that wants to use for 2020 EXPO experience recurrent Kestelli, innovators in the city of Izmir, said that the organization is confident that he'll go out in style in the face.

Kestelli, HSS Deputy Parliament Speaker Omer Jennifer Tuncer, Ercan Korkmaz HSS Vice President, members of the Board of Directors Ismail Yalcin Yilmaz, Bulent Arman, Derya P, Ilhan Sen Özhan Zincircioğlu and Izmir with members of the Assembly and the Honorary Consul of France in Paris Zeliha Toprak delegation consisting SHS Tahsin Burcuoğlu Ambassador also visited the Paris Commercial Başmüşavirimiz Bebekoğlu'nu Aylin. Council, Ankara Street, 18th-century historic building that accepts Burcuoğlu Ambassador Tahsin, between Turkey and France, with ups and downs of politics than it is going very smoothly said that economic relations. Emphasizing that all the great French entrepreneurs to invest in Turkey Burcuoğlu, "particularly nuclear energy, including the French appetite for investment in our country is continuing," he said. via Google Translate

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